Tim Border's Ted X Speech

On March 27th, 2014, Professor Tim Border spoke at Weber State’s TED X ‘Worthy of Your Dreams’ event. Tim Border was asked to share how people become worthy of their dreams. His approach to this topic was “What are you doing that is worthy of your dreams” he used illusions in the world such as negativity as examples that are distracting us from accomplishing those dreams. He challenged the crowd to keep a journal for 30 days, writing in it daily, to keep track of what they did that day that could help them get closer to reaching their dream. His goal with this exercise was to get people to realize where they are going, to make them more aware of their insights and what they are doing and to help them realize what they are accountable for. He believes that if you want to improve something that it is necessary to measure it, because if you aren’t measuring something then it won’t change. His main quote from his speech was his definition of success, “A little further today than I was yesterday, and a little further tomorrow than I was today.” 

View the video of his speech

Written By Elaine Cope