New Path to College for Technology Students

On April 23 the Davis Applied Technology College (DATC) and the Ogden-Weber Applied Technology College (OWATC) accepted a route for students to transfer credits to Weber State University. 

Students who have completed a 900 hour certificate program will be able to receive 30 semester hours of transfer elective credit from WSU. The 30 credits are applied toward an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in General Technology, a degree requiring a minimum of 63.5 credits. 

“The Board of Regents asked each institution of higher education in the state to design such a degree, and each is different,” said Julie Snowball, director of Career and Technical Education. “Weber State has partnered with the two local Applied Technology Centers (ATC) to come up with something that is very flexible and is excellent for students. This degree is all about what’s best for students to help move them through their education and provide them additional opportunities.” 

The College of Applied Science & Technology (COAST) at WSU will oversee the new program. Prospective students must first meet with a COAST academic advisor to create a program-contract plan. 

“Many students have received substantial training and education at the ATC who now want more,” said Jim Taggart, vice president for instructional services, OWATC. “Those students can enter an accredited university with nearly a year of coursework complete; this will give them a significant boost. This partnership not only recognizes the value of technical education, it supports the governor’s 2020 goal of increasing post-secondary certificate and degree completion in Utah.” 

Students have five years after the completion of the approved 900 hour program at the ATCs to apply for enrollment in the AAS general technology program.