The Shepherd Union Gallery is currently hosting automotive artwork made by Weber State University students in the Automotive Technology department.

The gallery features glossy airbrushed paintings, tables and a New York Yankees-themed motorcycle.

Instructor Justin Tate has been teaching the collision repair course at WSU for six years. The featured artists attend Tate’s class.

“We worked with the university art gallery, and they were very excited because they’ve never had anything automotive-wise in the history of the art gallery,” Tate said. “So it’s kind of a new thing for them as well.”

Automotive technology student Nick Munford, sophomore, will be bringing a custom-painted guitar to the gallery’s open house. Cody Rider, a senior in the automotive technology department, contributed to the gallery. His art is displayed on various platforms including a table and the hood to a car. The themes of his art are often macabre, but he also presents paintings pertaining to firefighters. Nina Hunter is majoring in collision repair and minoring in art and said that despite being scared to display art in the past, she is excited to have her work displayed and hopes it encourages people to look into the automotive technology program.

The gallery also exhibits three tables that were airbrush painted by students. The tables will be moved to the Technology Education building when the gallery closes.

The gallery is located in the Shepherd Union Building next to the fireplace lounge. It is free and open to students and faculty. The automotive art gallery will be open until Feb. 15th.  Special thanks to Jessica Lott, Automotive Secretary.