STEM Career Fair

The Weber State University College of Applied Science and Technology coordinated with Career Services to host the First Annual Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Career Fair. The STEM fair, which took place Oct. 2, featured technology-based employers looking to hire WSU students.
WSU alumnus Brad Hadley, of Total Quality Systems, said he believes the programs WSU offers are high quality.
“This provides us an opportunity to get fresh talent, and we can integrate them into our way of doing things,” he said. “In football, (coaches) take an athlete and hone him to the position that (they) need him to play, and that’s what we do here.”
Hadley, who attended the general Career Fair during the spring, said he felt having a career in the STEM field yielded a better turnout at the fair.
The STEM fair featured many reputable employers looking for students for both part-time and full-time jobs, as well as salary positions.

EVault’s Lyle Bates, whose company does data storage and backup for small to mid-sized businesses, said he sees many advantages in hiring a fresh graduate.

“Hiring someone that doesn’t have experience means you can train them the way that you want to train them, rather than trying to redo what someone else has done,” he said.

Nate Smith, a senior, previously worked for an employer who was at the fair, and he returned looking for another job.

“Events like this help students understand that there are tons and tons of different companies and different ways that you can go with your major,” Smith said. “There are companies that utilize a lot of different fields.”

The computer science field is expanding quickly. Companies such as are often looking for new hires.

“We need to promote and help grow,” said Liz Pusy of “We’re doubling our company every year, and we’re expecting huge growth and to go public soon. Coming into our company now is ideal. The computer science field is booming — there’s not enough students to fill the jobs.”
Pusy said the company had only seen about 20 people and was somewhat disappointed, due to the large number of students in the technical sales program. Other companies, however, remained impressed with the turnout.
“(EVault) interviewed about 25 qualified candidates this morning. It’s been a great event!” Bates said. “New graduates are generally very excited, energized and motivated about their first opportunity. It’s a great advantage to employers.”
Volunteer Ashley Fern said there was a rush of students when the event began at 11 a.m. that continued steadily throughout the day.
“Having so many students is good because more companies will realize it’s a good opportunity, and maybe we can even double the amount of businesses here next year,” Fern said. “Everyone here is pretty much looking for students (for) either internships or entry-level positions, so it’s kind of the perfect opportunity. “
WSU Career Services recommends following up with any recruiters with a thank-you note, especially for those students are seeking employment with. The center is also happy to help with any other questions students might have.
The STEM fair provided a unique chance for students to network with employers looking specifically for those without experience.
“We are really big about career-pathing for our students,” Pusy said. “We want them to come fresh and green and ready to work hard — we have a really young culture that’s ambitious.”

Originally written by Caitlynn Kindall of WSU Signpost