PBL Business Leader Conference

On March 30 and 31 at the Davis County Conference Center, the 2012 Utah PBL Conference was held. Weber State University students did an outstanding job in each of their competitions. We brought home the prestigious traveling trophy, the designation for the school that had the most impressive overall performance at the conference. When you see these students, be sure to congratulate them. 

Congratulations to Danielle Rich, who was elected as the PBL Public Relations Officer for the state of Utah for the 2012-2013 school year, and to Harrison Spendlove, who was elected as the PBL President for the state of Utah for the 2012-2013 school year. 

Congratulations to Harrison Spendlove as one of the recipients of the Nanette Anderson Leadership scholarship.

Chapter Members and Places

Accounting Principles: Sangwon Kang, 7th,  Uksoo Kang 8th 

Business Law: Lynda Seneff, 1st

Client Service: Danielle Rich, 1st

Business Law: Lynda Seneff, 1st

Client Service: Danielle Rich, 1st

Computer Applications: Akhapone Singta 2nd, Jason Campbell, 3rd

Computer Concepts: Akhapone Singta, 1st, Jason Campbell, 4th, Calee Christensen, 7th, Pannawat Hiranbanthow, 10th

Cybersecurity: Calee Christensen 1st, Akhapone Singta, 3rd

Database Design and Concepts: Akhapone Singta, 1st

Desktop Publishing: Rachel Park and Brennan Fuller, 1st

Economics Analysis & Decision Making: Rugang Qian and Zhuhan Wang, 1st

Financial Concepts: Zhuhan Wang, 3rd, Lusha Chen, 5th

Future Business Executive: Harrison Spendlove, 2nd

Future Business Teacher: Tiffany Taurone, 1st, Brook Young, 2nd, Susanne Matina, 3rd

Help Desk: Jason Campbell, 2nd

Hospitality Management: Tylor Turnblom and Danielle Rich, 3rd

Information Management: Rachel Park, 2nd

International Business: Rugang Qian, 6th

Job Interview: Harrison Spendlove, 4th, Danielle Rich, 10th

Macroeconomics: Denise Nelson, 1st, Lusha Chen, 7th, Shuwen Wang, 10th

Marketing Concepts: Tylor Turnblom, 5th, Rachel Park, 7th

Microeconomics: Denise Nelson, 1st, Zhuhan Wan,g 2nd, Shuwen Wang, 7th, Lusha Chen, 9th

Network Design: Akhapone Singta, Calee Christensen, 1st, Nick Champlin, 1st

Network Concepts: Calee Christensen, 3rd, Pannawat Hiranbanthow, 7th

Parliamentary Procedures: Tessa Allred, Alison Ence, Tiffany Taurone, Susanne Matina, Brook Young, 1st

Public Speaking: Lynda Seneff, 3rd

Sports Management and Marketing: Jake Little, 5th

Statistical Analysis: Lusha Chen, 2nd

Telecommunications: Akhapone Singta, 1st, Pannawat Hiranbanthow, 3rd

Word Processing: Akhapone Singta, 6th