COAST Students Impress at NCUR

The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) 2012 was held at Weber State University and had over 3,100 participants.

NCUR is the largest undergraduate research conference in the nation at which students present their research and attend speeches in their related fields.

COAST was well represented at the annual event. The students and their projects are listed below. 

Mobile Elemental Power Plant (MEPP) was displayed by Spencer Mark and Brian Gray from Engineering Technology (ET). 

Benjamin Evans, Jake Anderson and Robert Eckel from ET presented “Michaelson Wavemeter Measurements using Time and Frequency Domain Techniques.” 

From Computer Science, Brittany Carter, Trianna Salo and Michele Milliner presented “Closing the Gender Gap in Computing Sciences”. 

Posters included Brian Sorensen, Robert Jones and Lance Wood with “How does Machine Feed Rate and Anodizing Effect Fatigue Life?”

George Purvis, Mark Dalene and Zakary Stapp with “Characterization of Mechanical Property Degradation of Titanium Alloys by Welding Heat Input”, all three from (ET). 

In addition, from Interior Design, Amanda Boothe had “Interior Design: Single-Family Community Living and Growing Center.” 

Amanda Villalobos had “Healthy Living Community Center.” 

Rachel Bergeson had “Creating Effective Interior Environments.” 

Also, Pre-Engineering student Shayne Chambers presented on working with UCAID and was sponsored by that organization. 

Classes in three buildings were canceled for NCUR including the Elizabeth Hall, the Wattis Business Building, and the McKay Education Building. Classes in these buildings were canceled during all three days of NCUR. 

The Shepherd Union Building served as the main hub for the event. 

“It’s just going to be really busy,” said Chad Mosher, associate director of the Shepherd Union Building. “So it will probably be difficult for students if they want to use the Union. It’s going to be packed.” Mosher said the Union will be the main place where participants eat, and that all meeting rooms in the building will be closed on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. He also said that there will be poster presentations in the Union Ballrooms. Students can go to the ballrooms and see presenters’ posters. 

Weber State University students were able to view the presentation and attend speeches during the event free of charge. 

“It will be a great opportunity for students to see the research other students across the country are doing, and students from, like, five other countries outside the U.S.” Mosher said. 

Many graduate schools from across the country sent representatives to the event, where they set up booths and were able to talk with prospective students. 

There was also a dance held Friday for NCUR participants and WSU students in the Atrium of the Union. 

“It is Friday night,” Mosher said, “Weber State students are invited as well as NCUR attendees. We’re going to max out the Atrium, having the biggest dance we’ve ever had in the building’s Atrium. That should be pretty cool.” 

At the dance, free pizza was offered to the first 500 students. Free drinks were also provided.

“This is a great opportunity for Weber State,” Kowalewski said, “And some of these challenges are a great chance to showcase Weber State.”