Internal Grants for COAST Faculty 2011/2012

COAST Faculty managed to secure numerous internal grants from the Academic Resources and Computing Committee during the year.  Here are their names, project names, and the amount of the awards.

Rick Orr, ET Clickers, $1824 

Allyson Sanders, iPad Train the Trainer and Teacher, $988 

Drew Weidman, Computer Forensic Software, $2913 

JoEllen Jonsson, Sales Forecasting Software, $500 

Vel Cesler, Sales Presentation Lab, $5999 

Desiree Cooper, Develop remote access for sales presentation, $3000 

Ken Cuddeback, NetLab upgrade, $1895 

John Kelly, Automotive Technology Wireless System, $4200 

Ted Cowan, Agile Software Development Training, $1440 

Carl Grunander, Sales Presentation Evaluation Tools, $5201 

Desiree Cooper, Developing Remote Access for Sales presentations, $3380 

Julanne McCulley, Instrumentation and Measurements Research Lab, $7688 

Rick Orr, LCD Monitors for CAD Lab, $5000 

JoEllen Jonsson, Distance Teaching and Learning Conference, $1897 

Garth Tuck, Wacom Tablets, $1329 

Drew Weidman, AirPCAP Wireless cards, $7039