Discover You

On December 1st 2012 the Girl Scouts of Utah held a Discover You event at Weber State University where the girls could “check out what university life is all about.” They toured the campus, had a sleepover, and visited with students from different departments to learn what each department has to offer. The College of Applied Science and Technology (COAST) was represented by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) who provided the girls with an activity to give them a small taste of what it takes to be an engineer.

Prior to the event SWE applied for and received funding from the WSU ALAN E. AND JEANNE N. HALL ENDOWMENT which they used to purchase solar bubble tower kits for the girls to build. SWE chose these kits because they provided the girls with a wide range of engineering disciplines to relate to such as, Mechanical, Electrical, and Green Engineering. We feel it was a great success, close to twenty girls attended the SWE activity and many wanted to know more about COAST and how they could prepare for college now. They were also very excited about their solar bubble towers and couldn’t wait to try them out.