For Summer 2014, the CS Department will be offering  (1) a one week full-day game development camp for high school students, (2) a one week half-day game development camp for elementary school students ages 8-11, (3) a one week half-day game development camp for junior high school students ages 12-14, and (4) a one week half-day storytelling/programming camp for elementary school students ages 9-12. Camps (2) through (4) above are part of the WSU Community Education Youth Academy Program.

May 10-17th Interior Design is taking a group of students on a Deep South Tour---from New Orleans to Nashville.  The highlight of the tour includes visiting many antebellum homes through Louisiana and Mississippi and architecture (including the Parthenon's replication in Centennial Park in Nashville.  This study of historic influences include culture, religion, food, customs, art and architecture.  The students will explore how music shaped architecture and design.  They will consider the effects of climate and moisture on design and building codes and the importance of the Mississippi River in trade and mobilization of product.  Fashion during the antebellum period and its impact on design will also be explored.  From visits to architectural firms/projects to bayou kayaking and graveyard tours, the students will get their fill of southern culture and hospitality.