The Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET just conducted their on-site accreditation visit for the WSU Electronics Engineering program.  A three-member ABET team visited our campus Sep. 23 to 25.  The team consisted of an engineering professor from the University of Texas at San Antonio, an engineering professor from the University of New Mexico and an engineer from NASA.

This team conducted a thorough evaluation of the Electronics Engineering program in terms of its assessment and continuous improvement process, the curriculum, institutional support, faculty and facilities.  The team interviewed members of the EE Industrial Advisory Board as well as members of the WSU administration, faculty and staff.  They also interviewed EE students in classrooms and laboratories.  In their exit interview, they reported that the Electronics Engineering program has strong support from the administration and staff.  They also reported that the program is very student-centered.

While no program deficiencies were reported, ABET cited a few weaknesses and a concern that we need to address.  These findings will be straightforward to correct before the official accreditation meeting July 2013 at ABET Headquarters.  We fully expect that the Electronics Engineering program will receive its accreditation at that meeting.

Electronics Engineering students are excited that their program will be officially accredited so they can confidently seek engineering employment at local companies or any company across the country.

The Engineering faculty extend our thanks to those inside and outside of COAST who assisted us in any way with our ABET accreditation efforts.