What do you do when you have candy falling below your storage racks and you can’t reach it with a broom? If you are Genco, a local distributor for Hershey’s, you call the Engineering Technology department.  In distribution centers where racking is used, cleaning under the racks is a major problem for sanitation and safety.  The current system of push brooms or air blowing machines spreads particulate matter throughout the building and can cause injury to personnel.  A recent senior project group, the Grim Sweeperzz, teamed up with Genco to design and build a GO-FER.  The GO-FER is an adjustable, electric-powered, sweeping robot used to clean under warehouse racking.  It pushes away any dirt, debris, or obtacles into the next aisle where it will be easily picked up.  It is easy to operate and reduces the probability of injuries, especially soft tissue back injuries.  The team was made up of Design Graphics and Manufacturing Engineering Technology students, led by professor Kerry Tobin.  A generous  amount of chocolate was consumed during this two semester project.