Early College - Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible for Weber State University's Early College Program?

To take courses through WSU's Early College Program, you must be a high school sophomore, junior, or senior (or equivalent if home schooled). Sophomores must have an index score of at least 110 and will be limited in their registration. Juniors and seniors must have an index score of at least a 100. Index scores are calculated using the high school GPA recorded on an accredited high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores. Home-schooled students must have an ACT score of at least 21 or an SAT score of at least 990 (no index score required).

Are the admissions requirements for WSU’s Early College Program the same as the requirements for regular admission to WSU?

No. All students admitted to WSU’s Early College Program must meet a higher criteria than for regular WSU admission. Regular admission to WSU can take place by meeting one of the following: (1) graduation from an accredited high school; or (2) completion of a General Educational Developmental (GED) exam with an overall score of 2250 or better, with no individual score below 450. If you have not met the above criteria for WSU's Early College Program and/or regular admission to WSU, then you can contact the Director of Admission for special consideration under university policy.

What is the difference between Early College and Concurrent Enrollment?

Concurrent Enrollment courses are college classes taught at high schools by high school instructors. The Early College Program allows high school students to take regular Weber State courses from university instructors either on campus or online. Both Early College and Concurrent Enrollment courses can fulfill high school graduation requirements.

I want to take classes through the Early College Program. What do I do?

  1. Attend an Early College Information Session.
  2. Apply for admission.
    • Submit the Early College admissions application.
    • Pay the $30 admissions fee (if you have taken Concurrent Enrollment classes through WSU, you do not need to pay again).
    • Send a copy of your high school transcripts to the WSU Admissions Office.
  3. Have your high school counselor submit the Counselor Contract. If you are a home-schooled student, your parent or legal guardian can submit the Counselor Contract.
  4. After receiving an acceptance letter, schedule an appointment with your Early College advisor.
  5. Meet with your Early College advisor to plan coursework and get registration assistance.
  6. Attend an Early College New Student Orientation Session.
  7. Register for and attend WSU classes.

Is there a deadline to apply to the Early College Program?

There is not a deadline to complete the application process; however, we recommend you apply at least two weeks before the first day of the semester that you wish to begin taking courses. 

Do I have to attend an Early College Information Session? I just want to talk to the advisor.

Once you attend an Information Session with our Early College advisors, you will be eligible to apply to the Early College Program and meet with your Early College advisor one-on-one. We strongly encourage you to bring a parent/guardian to this hour-long session.

Do I have to apply to Weber State?

Before you can take courses through the Early College Program, you must apply and be accepted to WSU. See the Early College Admissions page for more details.

Will I have to pay out-of-state tuition if I am not a Utah resident? 

Students who live outside of Utah are subject to nonresident tuition rates.

Will I be a “real” Weber State student?

Early College students are “real” Weber State students. You will attend WSU classes, pay tuition and student fees, and have access to all the resources available to other students (as long as you have parental permission to use these services). Early College students with parental permission may use the gym, computer labs, Health Center, and many other student resources.

Do I have to attend an Early College Orientation?

All Early College students are must attend a New Student Orientation before participating in the Early College Program. We also strongly encourage parents/guardians to attend.

How much does Early College cost?

Early College students pay tuition and fees as WSU students. The amount of tuition and fees depends on the number of credit hours for which you register.

Am I eligible for financial aid and scholarships?

Although Early College students are not eligible for Federal Student Aid, you can apply for Early College Academic and Need-Based Scholarships. View the Early College Scholarship Policy to review the eligibility requirements for Early College Scholarships.

How do I accept my Early College Scholarship?

  1. Log into eWeber. and search for the "Award Information" icon
  2. Click on “Accept/Review Award Offer by Aid Year”
  3. Select Aid Year
  4. Select the 4th tab over, Select award offer”; change from “Undecided” to “Accept”
  5. Click “Submit Decision”

For Need-Based Scholarships, please write a thank you letter to the donor and submit it to the Financial Aid Office. This requirement must be satisfied to accept the scholarship.

What is the New Century scholarship?

The New Century Scholarship is administered through the Board of Regents. It is awarded to eligible Utah scholarship applicants who earn an associate’s degree by the day they graduate from high school (or by June 15th of the year their peer group graduates from high school for home-schooled students) and comply with all Board of Regents requirements and deadlines. Your Early College advisor can help you work towards this scholarship.The scholarship may be used at any four-year public college or university in the Utah System of Higher Education, as well as at Brigham Young University-Provo, and Westminster College.

Do I have to purchase a parking permit?

Early College students who plan to park on campus must purchase a permit to avoid parking tickets. Having a permit will help you get to your WSU classes on time.

I’m an Early College student and I want to know what courses I should take.

Once you have been accepted into program, you’ll work closely with your Early College advisor and your high school counselor to plan your coursework. Once admitted, call 801-626-8953 to schedule an appointment with your Early College advisor.

I’m a sophomore in high school (or equivalent if home schooled). Can I participate in WSU’s Early College Program?

You may take courses through the Early College Program starting the fall of your 10th grade year of high school (or equivalent if home schooled). If you begin Early College as a sophomore, you will be required to take UNIV 1105 "Foundations of College Success" in your first semester and will be limited to only 7 credits or 2 classes each semester.

Can I take Concurrent Enrollment courses, AP classes, and courses through the Early College Program during the same school year?

Yes. You can use a variety of early college credit options to accelerate your education. Be sure to coordinate this information between your high school counselor and your Early College advisor.

I haven’t taken the ACT yet. Can I take it at Weber?

WSU offers a residual ACT for students wishing to only use the scores at WSU. Contact with your high school counseling center for information about national ACT dates, costs, and possible financial assistance.

How can I get more information about Early College?

Attend an Early College Information Session.   

Am I able to give my parent or guardian access to my grades, class schedule, scholarship application, and other student information? 

Yes. A student may fill out the Student Information Release Form, granting another individual (e.g., parent, guardian, spouse, etc.) access to student records.

I attend NUAMES (Northern Utah Academy of Math, Engineering, and Science). How can I get more information about the Early College Program?

Visit the NUAMES Early College site for information about admissions, orientation, scholarships, and registering for courses. 

I’m a high school counselor and I have questions about Weber State’s Early College Program. Who can help me?

The Early College advisor working with your school district would be happy to assist you. Please contact this advisor with questions or concerns.

I’m the parent/guardian of a home-schooled student and I have questions about Early College. Who can help me?

The Early College advisor working with home-schooled students would be happy to assist you. Please contact this advisor  with questions or concerns.

I have a hold on my account. What do I do?

Contact your Early College advisor ASAP!

How do I file a petition for an exception to Early College policy?

If you would like to file a petition for an exception to Early College admission, academic standing or scholarship eligibility, please first contact your Early College advisor to determine if you have a petitionable request.  Early College petitions can be accessed here.


Updated: 09/30/2014