Step 5: Apply for Scholarships (High School Students)

Are there scholarships available to help me pay for courses I take as an Early College student?

There are two scholarship options for public, private, and charter high school Early College students: WSU Academic Scholarships (index based) and WSU Early College Need-Based Scholarships (private donor). View the Early College Scholarship Policy to check your eligibility.

To apply for WSU Academic Scholarships

Submit WSU's online Scholarship Application. This is accessed through the eWeber Student portal.

  • Log into your student portal and search for the "Finaid and Scholarship Application" icon
  • Check to make sure your application is for the correct Award Year
  • Complete the required fields in Step 1- Select your graduation date, estimate your planned enrollment, indicate if you have applied for other financial assistance (leave the other boxes blank)
  • Click "Sumbit Step 1" for selected year
  • Go to Step 2 and click to complete the "Scholarship Application"

  • Select the semester you plan to graduate from WSU
  • Choose the number of credits you plan to complete each semester through Early College
  • Scrool down to the "Short Essay" section
    • Type "Early College" into the first box (leave the rest of these boxes blank)
  • Click "Apply" to submit your application

To apply for Early College Need-Based Scholarships

In addition to applying for the Academic Scholariship,

  • Submit the (FASFA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid (the FASFA is used to determine financial need only)
  • Submit the Early College Need-Based Scholarship Application before the deadline: Early College Need-Based Scholarship Application (writable PDF).
    • Fall Deadline - August 1
    • Spring Deadline - December 15

How do I accept my Early College Scholarship?

  • Log into eWeber. and search for the "Award Information" icon
  • Click on “Accept/Review Award Offer by Aid Year”
  • Select Aid Year
  • Select the 4th tab over, Select award offer”; change from “Undecided” to “Accept”
  • Click “Submit Decision”

For Need-Based Scholarships, please write a thank you letter to the donor and submit it to the Financial Aid Office. This requirement must be satisfied to accept the scholarship.

Can I use the New Century Scholarship to pay for Early College courses?

No. The New Century Scholarship is not awarded until after you have graduated from high school, at which point you would no longer be considered an Early College student.

Can out-of-state students be awarded Early College Scholarships?

No. Early College Scholarships can only be awarded to students who qualify for Utah residency for tuition purposes. Contact WSU's Admissions Office with questions about residency. 

Updated: 03/09/16

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