Continuing the Concurrent Enrollment Journey

Check your Wildcat Email

All correspondence to students from the university and the Dual Enrollment team will be sent to the Wildcat email. It is vital to your success to check and use it regularly.

Wildcat Mail Guide

Meet with your Dual Enrollment advisor as needed

If you have questions about Concurrent Enrollment courses or want to verify you are on track for a certificate or degree, then meet with your Dual Enrollment advisor.

CE Group Advising Events

Find your Dual Enrollment Advisor

AP Credit Posting

1. Utilize your free score send to have your scores sent to Weber State or request an additional score report from College Board. Please do this early as it can take up to months to get here.

Request AP Score Report

2. Once you have requested your scores be sent to Weber State, pay the $10 fee through the cashiers office and complete the application for test credit. This is something that only needs to be completed once in your lifetime at WSU.

AP Posting Process Details

Credit for AP Exams is subject to change depending on the year the exam is taken and the score.

AP Guidelines

Transfer Courses from Other Institutions

Courses from other institutions must be sent to WSU for that credit and grade to count towards a WSU certificate or degree. If you have received college credit from an insitution other than WSU, you must send an official transcript to Weber State's Office of Admissions.

Sending Transcripts To WSU