Diversity Board

Diversity Vice President

Diversity & Inclusive Programs gains student representation through WSUSA’s Executive Body. Each year the student body elects a Vice President of Diversity who then selects members of the Diversity Board through a competitive application process.

Salim Ben Khalifa

Salim Ben Khalifa

My name is Salim Ben Khalifa, the WSUSA DIVERSITY and Unity VP. I am an international student from Tunisia who grew up with different cultural influences due to my parents’ travel. I speak Three languages: Arabic, French, and English. I came to Weber State University three years ago. Soon, I began getting involved with the Diversity Board as the Stop The Hate Chair, where I learned how to become an active student who believes in Unity amongst people. My goal is to develop a safer campus for all individuals and spread love and unity on campus for all religions, races, and cultures. WE ARE UNITED IN OUR DIVERSITY.

I would like to add that mental illness is real, and as a student body officer I will try my utmost best to spread awareness about all mental health, and support all students!


Assistant Director

The Assistant Director to the Vice President for Diversity on the Diversity Board helps to coordinate all events, workshops, activities and serves as the information clearinghouse for the CDU's Diversity Board. This position collects all marketing materials, places and confirms bulletins, email blasts, and Facebook page updates in addition to providing updates and assignments to Board members.




Taboo Talks Chair

The Taboo Talks Chair coordinates educational and informative programs that educate all students and staff at WSU about ways that we can come together across difference.


Greetings, my name is Alex. I am excited to be working on the Diversity board for the 2017-18 school year here at Weber State. This is my third year attending as a Geology Major. I spend half my life reading about current events and have a passion for truth. My goal on the Diversity board is the create a welcoming environment for everyone, no matter their background or opinions.


Co-Taboo Talks Chair

Brian(JungHyun) Choi

My name is Brian (JungHyun) Choi and I am the Co-Taboo Talk Chair for Diversity and Unity. I was born and raised in Seoul, Korea and came to Weber State University to further my education. I have lived in anywhere from overwhelmingly jam packed metropolitan cities, to 1,000-person cow towns throughout Asia and North America.

With this background, I have crossed paths with individuals from extremely colorful walks of life: Race/ethnicity, social status, sexuality, religion, belief system, mental health, physical health, you name it. Interacting with those who come from backgrounds I was previously not familiar with helped expand my horizon like opening a third eye.

I got on board with Diversity and Unity to make an impact to individuals by furthering understanding of the aforementioned diversity and implant uber open-mindedness into their minds.

If you happen to be curious about learning more about the world, you are beyond welcome to take a peak at our events. Feel free to swing by the Student Involvement and Leadership (SIL) offices in the Union building and we can kick it.



Sessions on the Ledge Chair

The Sessions on the Ledge Chair coordinates weekly one hour performance sessions in the Union atrium that showcase music, dance, the spoken word and other routines that space racial ethnicity, culture, class, gender and more. Previous events have included Scottish Bag Pipers, Taiko Drummers, Irish Folk Dancers and poetry slams.

Weston Lee

Weston Lee

Weston is a first year student at Weber State University. He's eager to get involved as a student leader with WSUSA and is excited to perform in his position with the Diversity Board. He's completing his general studies right now. Weston is a vegan and training to run his second marathon.


Stop the Hate Chair

The Stop the Hate Chair develops an annual campaign that promotes peace on campus and in the community through speakers, workshops and activities. At the heart of these activities is the question, "Is what we are doing helping each other or hurting each other?"

Karlie RiggsKarlie Riggs








Cultural Connections Chair

The Cultural Connections Chair works to collaborate with our ethnic based organizations, as well as, organizations that want to collaborate in promoting and educate around diversity and inclusivity.

Serena Posluszny

Serena Posluszny

Hello! My name is Serena Posluszny. I came to Weber in Fall 2016 as a transfer student from North Carolina. I have moved over 50 times in my lifetime, staying mostly on the East Coast before I came out West to Utah (although last summer I did live in South Korea for a few months!).  I am currently a Political Science and Philosophy double major, on track to graduate in Fall 2018. I never know what to say when asked what I want to do with my life, as I want to do whatever I am meant to do! I believe that whatever opportunities arise will take me in the right direction. Ideally, I would want that direction to have some level of advocacy for underrepresented groups involved or to do with human rights, policy revision, or straight up political reformation and I want it to lead to a large-scale positive impact within our society as a whole.



LGBTQ+ Awareness Chair

The LGBTQ+ Awareness Chair acts as a representative and advocate of the issues and concerns of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender student body and advocates against homophobia and other forms of oppression, as well as other issues and concerns of LGBTQ+ students on campus and all members of the queer community. 


Andrew Crookston

Andrew Crookston

My name is Andrew Crookston and my preferred pronouns are he, him, his. I am a senior studying history, Spanish and Latin American studies. As a recently out individual, I chose to apply for the LGBTQ+ Awareness Chair because I have received amazing support from the programs, events, and people here at Weber State and I wanted to be part of that this year. I am hoping to provide events that will be welcoming to all members of the LGBTQ+ community, allies, and those who may not know where they stand. I am proud to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community and proud to be a wildcat!


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