Register with SSD

Students should follow this process to register with SSD and establish eligibility for Academic Accommodations.

  • Contact Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office for intake packet information by visiting the forms page or Student Services Center 181.

  • Review packet information: Guidelines for Documentation, Intake Sheet, Pre-Registration Form, etc.
    • Intake & Pre-Registration Forms must be completed and returned to SSD along with any disability documentation (see below) and optional Survey. 

  • Browse our website for additional useful information (such as documentation requirements, available services, etc); Contact SSD with any questions regarding the registration process.

  • Obtain documentation for academic accommodations; provide a copy of your documentation to SSD.

  • Schedule Intake appointment with an SSD advisor in person at one of our offices; by calling 801-626-6413; or by email at SSD Email.
    • Documentation is usually reviewed by an advisor prior prior to your intake appointment; please allow for enough time to have your accommodation request evaluated.
    • Depending upon various scheduling issues and case-load, you may have to wait a week or more before an appointment is available (see below).
    • If you have provided documentation but have not received a follow-up call or set-up an appointment within a week, please contact SSD.

  • Meet with SSD advisor for scheduled Intake appointment.
    • If Approved: Set up accommodations and receive authorization letter to provide to teachers, follow up with any concerns.
    • If Pending Approval: Obtain further documentation based on explanation from SSD advisor.

Plan Ahead

Please start the process early since approval of accommodations takes time and they are not retroactive.  It can take as long as two weeks to review documentation and approve some accommodations. Contact SSD office at any time for if you have any questions or concerns regarding the process outline above.

A hardcopy of this information is available on our forms page!