Data Initiatives

As part of the mission to provide high quality educational, cultural and economic resources to the community, Weber State University is dedicated to providing the most accurate and up-to-date data possible. Furthermore, WSU is committed to providing the materials needed to effectively interpret this data for the purpose of institutional data-driven decision making.

Argos Cleanup Initiative

The student reports in Argos are being reviewed to see if they can be consolidated and for accuracy. For more information, please see the Argos Cleanup Initiative page.

Data Dictionary: What Does this Mean?

To support data governance efforts and increase transparency of data and data practices, WSU uses an institutional data dictionary. For more information or to access the tool, please see the Data Dictionary page. 

Data Warehouse: Using Data to Make Better Decisions

In an attempt to standardize data used across the institution as well as to maximize resources to improve reporting practices and create a user-friendly reporting structure, WSU uses a data warehouse environment. For more information, please see the Data Warehouse page.

Institutional Metrics: What Is the Face of WSU?

In order to gauge student learning, satisfaction, and engagement WSU participates in a number of national surveys and data collection processes. For more information or for the results of these assessments, please see the Institutional Metrics page.