Data Dictionary Training Brochures

A variety of training brochures exist to introduce the data dictionary concepts. Please use the links below for the specific information you are interested in. For answers to questions not answered by these brochures, please contact


What Is the Data Cookbook?

As a tool for data governance and a data dictionary, the Data Cookbook is a searchable database of the terms and data elements most frequently used at WSU. For a simple explanation of the terminology most frequently used in the Data Cookbook as well as WSU's style guide in presenting information, please use the following links:

Data Cookbook Definitions

Information about both the functional and technical aspects of a data element are found in Definitions within the Data Cookbook. Definitions include information such as a basic description of the data element, how the element is used, area(s) the element is most associated with, and links to related data elements. The following brochures contain more information about Definitions:

Data Cookbook Specifications

Details about institutional reports can also be found in the Data Cookbook. This information is found in Specifications, and includes the Definitions associated with the report as well as technical information about how the report was created. Please use the brochures below for more information about Specifications: