Argos Cleanup Initiative

Background Information

Weber State converted from Crystal Reports to eVisions Argos in 2012. During this time, many reports were converted by creating one datablock for each report. Argos is designed to create one datablock with many fields and many reports underneath of it. For example, many course enrollment reports have the same fields or data sources in the report. The datablock can hold all of those fields and data sources and then individual PDF or Excel reports can be created under the datablock to accommodate everyone's data needs. Due to the plethora of reports in Argos, the Associate Provost for Enrollment Services requested the "Argos Cleanup Initiative" in which all student based reports will be consolidated by subject and reviewed for accuracy.

Status Report

Clicking on the reporting subject will take you to the dashboard so long as you have a secure connection and provisioning rights to the folder the dashboard is housed in. You may be asked to authenticate, simply enter your eWeber credentials.

Reporting Subject Identify Stakeholders Scope Review Create Dashboard Document In Testing Published to Production Training Sunset Reports
Program of Study Dashboard X X X X X X / X
International Student Dashboard X X X X X X X X
Graduation Application Dashboard X X X X X X / X
Student Degrees Awarded Dashboard X X X X X X / X
Banner Cohort Dashboard X X X X X X / X
Course Prerequisite Dashboard X X X X X X / 6/1/2017
Course Enrollment Dashboard / 3/15/17            

X = Completed      / = Some work done; more to come

Overall Process Flow