Prioritizing Data Projects and Requests

A process for prioritizing data projects has been created to better ensure the university analytic resources are efficiently and effectively leveraged. All new projects, once appropriately vetted, will be prioritized along with continued maintenance and emergency projects by a small team representing all divisions at the University. Prioritized projects will then be assigned to be completed as quickly as possible, recognizing the variability in time and resources needed for completion.

Link to submit project for prioritization. Contact with questions.

The Data Prioritizing Committee will meet monthly, chaired by the UDAC Data and Communication Manager, and include representation of each division, faculty senate, and SAC. The monthly meetings will be open to the campus and include analysts as non-voting members who can field questions and comment on the proposals. The agenda for the meeting will be to prioritize and re-prioritize requests submitted through the data portal that the analysts have assessed in three categories:

The committee will agree to prioritization criteria, but a simple set of criteria will be suggested based on two dimensions: 

  • Impact on the Campus:  Addresses the project's potential number of data users and the value or significance of the project for achieving or assessing strategic goals. Ties to the university, divisional, or unit strategic plan will be a consideration for the impact of a project. 

  • Feasibility of Project: Address the project's level of challenge of collecting, preparing, or displaying the data for the project and/or the likelihood of success in estimating the cost of completing the project in terms of time and resources.

After prioritization, the DCM will update the website listing all projects showing each one's status, priority, and the approximate timeframe for completion.