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Notifications through Curriculog:
Please routinely check Curriculog to see what tasks are waiting for you.  Go to your
"My Task" Tab.   Check the Curriculog Digest that is being sent to your email.  It will notify you of pending tasks.  You will not get an specific email message when a proposal is ready to be approved.  This is why you need to check Curriculog or the Digest sent out.

Login:   Click on the app in eWeber Portal, after Curriculog opens, click on "login" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select the Correct Proposal Form:   There are two pages of proposals to choose from.  Select the correct form for your changes.  If you are creating new courses, you must also  create a Program Change form to add these courses to your program.  If changing a course significantly changes your program of study, you also need a Program Change form submitted.  Also Remember to attach the syllabus to the form and any other supporting information.  See the Curriculog Tutorials page for helpful instructions on how to fill out  Proposals. 

For Board of Regents policy and templates  - Go to Curriculum Course in Canvas for the current Board of Regents Templates. 

To find your proposals quickly go to the My Tasks or My Proposals Tab in Curriculog

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  You may log in and explore Curriculog as much as you want as long as you don't launch the proposal to the next step in the approval process.  Curriculog automatically saves your proposal.  To find it again go to your My Proposals Tab.

2.  Curriculog is connected to WSU CAS system, which allows for the single sign on.  You will receive an email message called Curriculog Digest in your WSU email, please check this message for any proposals that may need your attention.

3.  Sign in occurs simply by logging into the eWeber Portal, adding Curriculum Proposals into the search bar and adding it to your Favorites List.  To login, click on the app and click on "Login" in the upper right corner of the screen.  Go to +New proposal to select the type of proposal that you want to create.  Scroll through the pages to find the proposal that you want.

4.  There is a new email address to submit curriculum questions.  The new email is

5.  How do I find my PIN to make a decision (Dean's Only)?  See Dean Approval Instructions on the Menu at the top.

6.  How do I make edits to my proposals?  All proposals have edit rights at that Approval Step.  If you have Department Chair Role, you will have edit rights if the proposal is at that step.

Best Practices 

Step 1:  If you are making any course or program revisions, be sure to 1. Import the catalog 2. fill out the required fields and 3. launch the proposal.  You will get a message if you haven't filled out all the required fields.   This makes tracking changes for the Registrars' office easier.

Step 2:  If you are not importing from the catalog, then click on the launch button your first step.  This highlights required fields in orange.  (For example, a new course)

Step 3:  Click on the Help Text Icon.  It is the button on the top toolbar and can be turned on or off at your convenience.

Step 4:  Please do not submit any proposals without the appropriate paperwork attached (i.e. syllabi, support emails, etc).

Step 5:  Approval Process/Decision on Originator Step   

See the Top Menu (above) listing instructions on Department Chair and Dean Approvals.

Thanks for your patience and support while we all learn to use Curriculog.



Phone: Patti Glover, 6233 or Sally Cantwell, 7858