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Academic Affairs 


Whether you are changing a course fee, applying for a new course fee or have your mandatory review process, please follow the steps below that walk you through the Curriculog process.

  below is a guide on how to submit course fee proposals  

  • Step 1

    Log into Curriculog & Find the Approval Process

    • Click "log in" in the top right of the Curriculog web page.
    • Click on "+ New Proposal"
    • You can look through all the processes, or click on one of the other tabs for courses, programs, or others (like PPM, organization changes, editorial submissions, etc.)
    • Click on the correct proposal, start the proposal by clicking the blue checkmark icon

  • Step 2


    • On page that comes up enter Prefix (if course)
    • Click Search
    • Click on the 'Preview and Build' icon of the desired entry
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page that comes up and click on 'Build Proposal'


  • Step 3

    Complete Proposal

    • Complete the required fields, they are indicated by an (*) DO NOT make any changes toimported data at this time.
    • Save all changes
    • Click 'Validate and Launch Proposal'
    • Make all changes to proposal

  • Step 4 

    Upload Documents (if applicable)

    • Click on the "Files" icon on the right side of the Curriculog screen in your Proposal Toolbox.
    • Click "choose file" and select the document. Then click "upload".


  • Step 5

    Approve as the Originator

    • Click on the Decisions icon on the right side of the Curriculog screen.
    • Click approve Make comments if desired then click Make My Decision.
    • Your proposal has now moved on to the next approver.