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Take a Seat

Need somewhere on-campus to study, do homework, log in to your virtual or online course? 

SEATS is an online software tool that reserves a dedicated, quiet and comfortable space for you to use when on campus. On-site registration is available, but we encourage reserving your seat ahead of time as there is no guarantee a dedicated workstation will be available for last-minute requests. 

Reservations for seats in classrooms in Elizabeth Hall, Wattis Business and Lindquist Hall can be made for the semester. Students must only use the designated space/seat they reserved and log into it when they arrive. You must cancel a seat reservation if you know you aren’t going to need or use it.

Use the WSU maps for the Ogden and Davis campuses to find a convenient space that works for you.

How to Use SEATS

To Make a Seat Reservation

  1. Select the location you want to reserve a seat from the list below. Use the “next available” button to find an available seat or use the “go to date” button to find a seat for a future date.
  2. Click in the grid to select the seat and time to reserve. Use the box below the grid to adjust the length of your reservation. Click "submit times."
  3. Read the terms and agreements and click "continue." Enter your first and last name and WSU email address. Click "Submit my Booking."
  4. Check for an email from LibCal with the subject line "Verify your Booking." Click the link in the email to confirm your seat reservation. 

When you Arrive

  1. Scan the QR code on the seat within 10 minutes of your reservation start time or click the check-in button in your confirmation email from LibCal.
  2. If you leave your reservation early, scan the QR code again or click the check-out link in the confirmation email from LibCal. 

WSU Ogden Campus

WSU Davis Campus

Drop-in Sites

Drop-in sites will be available in the Student Union building, the Student Services building, computer labs, some outdoor spaces on the Ogden Campus and common spaces at the Davis Campus. Space in these places are first come, first serve.

Parking Lots

Some parking lots have strong Wi-Fi reception. Feel free to try accessing your class from your vehicle in your assigned parking area.


Students must use headphones with a microphone, so as not to disturb others in the space. 

COVID-19 Safety

Students must follow virus mitigation protocols:

  • Wear a face covering at all times.
  • Wipe down the space before and after use.
  • Maintain 6-foot social distancing at all times.
  • If symptomatic, don’t come in.

While these alternative options may meet your needs, we cannot promise that your connection to your class will be uninterrupted.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please email