Deadline Extensions for Students

This communication was sent campuswide March 17, 2020. 

To All Faculty, Staff, and Students:

The withdrawal, change to credit/no-credit, audit deadline will be extended to April 17, 2020, the last day of scheduled courses for the Spring 2020 semester. This change applies to full semester and second block courses. Students who opt to withdraw, change to credit/no-credit, or audit a course should be aware of any consequences that may arise related to financial aid, scholarships, enrollment, or progress toward degree.

Information has been coming at a rapid pace and we are making appropriate adjustments to allow students to react to information in a reasonable time. The decision to withdraw, credit/no-credit, or audit a course should be considered carefully with as much information possible. Consistent with all USHE institutions, the University is not granting tuition refunds for classes on the basis that the class has moved from an in-person format to a virtual format. Courses being offered virtually will continue to provide appropriate content. Therefore, a withdrawal may not result in a refund or reduction of tuition. Please utilize the Tuition Refund Estimator to help understand the financial impact of withdrawal. 

We encourage students to take the time to understand how their courses will transition to the new virtual format and to work through that transition before considering any changes to their enrollment. Students having difficulty remotely accessing their course should review these resources Some students may temporarily need a laptop to access course materials from home. If you need these accommodations please go to If students have a disability requiring alternative accommodations, please work through the Disability Services Center.

Although courses have moved to a virtual format, many federal, state, and institutional policies and regulations have not been suspended due to the COVID-19 epidemic. Students are still expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress for financial aid. Please refer to the guidelines for satisfactory academic progress on the Financial Aid website. 

Students who have enrollment requirements related to scholarships, athletics (consult your athletics academic advisor), veterans/GI Bill, or international status should speak to the appropriate offices before making any changes to their enrollment.

If students have questions about the effect an action will have on their progress toward a degree, they are encouraged to reach out to their academic advisor. Students can use the Find My Advisor app to reach out and schedule an appointment.

These are truly unprecedented times and the extended deadline will allow students to make more informed decisions. We are not only concerned about students’ safety but also that they are informed and able to make appropriate decisions as we move forward in this new era.

Ravi Krovi