WSU Announces Plans for 2020 Fall Semester

This communication was sent to students June 22, 2020. 

Dear Students,

Weber State University plans to resume in-person, on-campus instruction for the 2020 fall semester with additional online and virtual options as well.

Planning teams have been working to develop a schedule which assumes the university will be in the yellow, low risk recovery level come fall. The university will announce the finalized schedule for fall during the first week of July. Our goal is to work together to offer you a comprehensive education in a safe environment.

Course Delivery Options

Fall course offerings will include in-person, online, virtual and hybrid classes. Courses identified to still be taught as in-person, on-campus classes may move to different rooms to ensure 6 feet of social distancing, but will remain at the existing times, days and campus location (e.g. Ogden, Davis, etc.) as originally listed in the class schedule, barring other significant changes. 

In the coming weeks, we will be designating which courses will be delivered in-person, online, hybrid or virtually. Confused? We’ve created a webpage to help you better understand what we mean.

Hybrid courses will involve students coming to campus for some class times and working online other times. Some of these hybrid courses may be completely virtual, meaning the class will meet online at designated times and then students will work on their own to complete assignments.Faculty have been working hard to ensure the quality of courses, no matter whether the format of delivery is online, virtual, or hybrid environments.

Many on-campus courses will operate as usual, but some will be adapted to facilitate students attending only some class meetings in person and the others virtually.

Our faculty have been working this summer to ensure a consistent and high-quality educational experience this fall. On-campus courses will include lab, studio and research classes and those that involve performance, hands-on, practical, and clinical experiences where students benefit most from in-person instruction. On-campus offerings will also include classes for first-time students, early college students, international students, and veterans, as well as students who attend our Davis campus and Farmington and West centers.

Keeping You Informed

We can’t predict what the local COVID-19 situation will look like come late summer. 

Contingency plans are in place for how we will deliver courses in any recovery stage, including if the state moves back to a heightened risk level or a specific situation arises on campus. 

The staff in the Registrar’s office have been compiling course delivery information in anticipation of updating the schedule. If you have already registered for classes, you do not need to do anything. When final decisions are made regarding fall course offerings, the updated schedule will trigger an email to students informing them of the delivery format of their classes. For students who have already registered, your schedule will remain the same.

Health and Safety

Along with measures to assist with social distancing in most classrooms, we have developed cleaning protocols for each classroom that include providing hand sanitizer, disinfectant and Plexiglas shields, following guidance from local health departments and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

We will need to work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to keep our campuses healthy and open. Do not come to campus when sick, practice good hygiene, stay 6 feet apart when possible, and wear face coverings as required.

While Weber State can’t guarantee “zero cases” on our campuses, we are implementing protocols following guidance from local health departments, the state, and the CDC. We are also counting on each of you to take personal responsibility to both be informed and act based on your best judgment to protect yourself and the health of those around you. Learn more about what to expect by visiting WSU’s Phased Guidelines.for Pandemic Recovery.

Thank you

All of you have responded with great perseverance to push through and complete your courses this summer. We also appreciate your willingness to work virtually and appreciate your support and patience as we work toward a healthy and open campus this fall.

Brad Mortensen


Ravi Krovi

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs