Fall COVID Mitigation Protocols

This communication was sent campuswide Aug. 11, 2021.

Dear WSU Employees,

As we continue to prepare for fall semester, we have revised our COVID mitigation protocols. With the increasing number of cases across the state and country, there are many options we have for reducing the likelihood of transmitting or contracting COVID or other respiratory viruses. 

While no one mitigation effort will completely eliminate the risk of contracting COVID, we have one very important tool that we did not have last year, vaccination. 

The widespread availability of vaccinations allows us to return to a more engaging on-campus environment on our campuses this fall, but that does not mean that we’re completely back to normal. If you are able, getting vaccinated is the single most important thing we can each do, like the majority of our faculty, staff and students have already done. 

We also know that masking and frequent hand washing and cleaning of spaces can reduce the spread of COVID, and these practices continue to be encouraged. 

For the fall, we have developed guidance for:

After reviewing the guidance, if you have additional questions, please reach out to your supervisor, Public Safety, Human Resources, or covid19@weber.edu depending on the nature of your questions.

Thank you for everything you have and continue to do to minimize the impact of COVID on campuses and the support you have shown for each other and our students.

Dane LeBlanc
Director of Public Safety

Jessica Oyler
Assistant Vice President for Human Resources