COVID-19 Delta Variant Responses

This communication was sent campuswide July 29, 2021.

Dear Faculty and Staff:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have worked together to minimize its impact on our university. 

As cases surge again because of the delta variant, it’s more apparent than ever that the best defense against the virus and best path to end the pandemic is getting more people vaccinated. Greater vaccination rates also minimize the potential for disrupting our academic calendar and campus activities. 

Our Weber State community has shown exceptional willingness to curb COVID-19 through vaccination. Recent surveys indicate that 80% of our student body population is or plans to be vaccinated by the start of fall semester. The vast majority of our faculty and staff have gotten their COVID-19 vaccine as well. 

Even with these high rates, we are in the process of organizing several pre-back-to-school vaccination opportunities for our returning and incoming students, faculty and staff during the month of August. That information will be communicated early next week. 

Because delta variant cases are increasing due to low vaccination rates, earlier this week the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued new COVID-19 guidelines. The CDC is now recommending that fully vaccinated individuals wear face coverings when indoors in an area of high or substantial transmission

WSU continues to welcome face coverings. We encourage you to review the new CDC guidelines and make informed personal decisions on when and where to wear face coverings. 

As many of you will recall, the state of Utah lifted its mask mandates in all state facilities earlier this year. Weber State is prohibited by state law (HB1007) from requiring face coverings on our campuses. This same section of law prohibits the university from mandating vaccinations without medical and personal exemptions. 

As a reminder, the CDC recommends that we should stay home when sick. 

If you have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, you can find a testing site near you

Visit for additional guidance on WSU’s COVID-19 protocols. We will continue to monitor changing conditions and review their impact on all aspects of our operations.

Thanks for your ongoing vigilance in our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Dane LeBlanc
Director of Public Safety