Annual Addresses/Speeches

In January 2013, after serving 10 years as Weber State University’s president, Ann Millner officially passed the baton to newly appointed president, Charles A. Wight. Knowing the tremendous impact WSU has on its surrounding communities — and vice versa —Millner made community engagement a focal point of her presidency. Today, Wight is doing the same.  

Below are samples of annual addresses and speeches made by both presidents that touch on community engagement.

Commencement Speeches

December 2013, page 4

April 2012, page 5

April 2011, page 5

December 2012, pages 3 and 5

December 2011, pages 3 and 4


Messages to Campus

President F. Ann Millner Announces Plans to Step Down
March 9, 2012

Community Speeches

Catholic Community Dream Builders Breakfast - WSU President Charles A. Wight
May 2, 2013 

Community Partners Breakfast - WSU President Charles A. Wight
July 11, 2013

Ogden Pioneer Days Devotional Welcome - WSU President Charles A. Wight
July 2013

Weber State/Ogden City Charter Signing - WSU President Charles A. Wight
Oct. 1, 2013

Community Education Center Grand Opening - WSU President Charles A. Wight
Oct. 3, 2013

WSU President Charles A. Wight's Inaugural Speech
Oct. 21, 2013

Wild Cat Alumna encourages activism through authentic living

March 26, 2017

Their Story is Our Story

March 31, 2017

WSU Language Matters Series Focus on Endangered Languages

September 19, 2017


Materials Accompanying Speeches

Learning, Access Community: Mission Core Themes
August 2012