Frequently Asked Questions for Teacher Education Applicants

1. What programs are available through Weber State University's Teacher Education Department? We offer majors/programs in Early Childhood Education, Early Childhood Education/Elementary Education Double, Elementary Education, Special Education, and Secondary Education.


2. What are the prerequisites to apply for the program?
You will need to complete EDUC 1010, English  2010, Quantitative Literacy (Math 1050 if majoring in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, or Special Education), Communications 1020 or 2110, and Computer and Information Literacy.


3. Do I have to take an exam? Yes, the exam depends on your major.

Secondary Education students are required to take the CAAP test.  CAAP stands for  Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency.  It is a standardized assessment designed to show achievement levels in reading, writing (two sections), math, and critical thinking (

  Elementary,  Elementary/Early Childhood Ed. Double Major and Special Ed. Majors  must take the PRAXIS II Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5031) test. The 4 subtests include Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies and you must pass all 4 subtests to be eligible for admission into the Teacher Education Dept.

Early Childhood Ed. (K-3) majors only: must take the PRAXIS II Early Childhood: Content Knowledge (0022) or (5022) OR the Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects (5031) test.



4. When should I apply for the Teacher Education program?

Elementary, Early Childhood Ed., and Special Ed. should apply when you have a minimum of 40 credit hours completed. This should include your General Education core requirements and breadth requirements as well as a portion of your support classes and/or major/minor classes.  Please refer to the previous page to review the document for the specific program you are interested in as well as the Admission Requirements document.  Secondary Education students apply when they have about a year left in their teaching major/minor courses.


5. How can I find out about scholarships?
You are eligible for departmental scholarships once you are admitted into the Teacher Education Program. Please go to  for more information including the application materials. You may also apply for the Terrel H. Bell Teaching Incentive Loan Program.   To find out more about this, please go to   To obtain an application for this incentive loan program, please go to


  6. How can I obtain more information about the Teacher Education Department? Please refer to the previous page for information on the specific program you are interested in as well as the Admission Requirements document.  Also, please come to one of our Pre-Application Information Meetings or schedule an individual appointment with an advisor.  The list of upcoming meetings is listed under helpful links.