Natalie Williams & James Zagrodnik
Hemingway Collaboration Award for CAPES!
Dr. Crawford
Please watch this inspiring Tribute . Please use the password "twig"
The attached documentary is part of a banquet program hosted by Equality Utah; a state-wide LGBTQ Civil Rights organization.  On October 21, 2016 Crawford was honored for his life of activism in the Utah community for over 40 years, and particularly his work with the LGBTQ community.  This year’s “Allies Award 2016” was presented to Dr. Crawford which included a five minute tribute from colleagues he has worked with over the years.  We are proud of Dr. Crawford and his work on behalf of the College of Education and Weber State University.
Tamara Goldbogen
received the 2016 Distinguished Scholars’ Outstanding Presentation Award from ISETL 2016
Dr. Linda Gowans
received the “Distinguished Teacher Educator” at the Utah Association for Teacher Education’s conference at Utah Valley University on
February 19, 2016.
Dr. Forrest C. Crawford
was awarded the distinguished “Utah Democratic Values” award on April 7, 2016, in an annual fundraiser hosted by the Salt Lake Democratic Party. He was given the award for his tireless efforts for working for over two decades to help Utah citizens to register to vote, engage for citizens lobby efforts and support candidates running for public office. 
Dr. Gina Shelley
received the Hemingway Faculty Excellence Award for a collaborative research project titled: “At Home: Parents’ Perspectives on Raising Bilingual Kids and Bilingual Education.” The award was received on April 22, 2016.
Dr. Jack Mayhew and Dr. Melina Alexander
were the PRIME Program grant award winners given by the Utah State Office of Education this past spring. 
Dr. Ann L. Ellis
2015 Karen J. Ashton Storytelling Award

Jordann Tate

Utah State CEC Student of the Year, 2014-2015

Shirley Dawson

2014-2015, Mentoring Program Recognition


Crystal Crest Finalist 2015

Karen Lindley

2014-2015 Presidential Outstanding Staff Award