2017-18 Liaison Meetings

On the given dates, there are two meeting times to choose from; each club is required to have representation at one of the meetings each month.

Liaison Meeting Location:

  • Union 326B, Student Involvement & Leadership Conference Room

Liaison Meeting Times:

  • C&O Liaison Meetings will be held once a day at 3 p.m.
  • And one Monday and one Tuesday of every month (dates below) 

Dates of Meetings:

  • October - October 2 and October 3 *Guest Speaker: Career Services, Location: SC 233, Refreshments served*
  • November - November 6 and November 7
  • December - December 4 and December 5
  • January - January 22 and January 23
  • February - February 5 and February 6
  • March - March 12 and March 13
  • April - April 2 and April 3

Weber State University, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, ensures equal access to all University functions, activities, and programs for individuals with disabilities. Please contact Student Involvement & Leadership at 801-626-6349 at least one week prior an event to request accommodations in relation to a disability.