French Programs at Weber State

Les Demoiselles de Paris©2012
photo by Cheryl Marie Hansen 


The Department of Foreign Languages offers the following majors and minors in French
  • French Major
  • French Teaching Major
  • French Commercial Major
  • French Minor
  • French Teaching Minor
  • French Commercial Minor
For a complete listing of courses offered in French, visit the department at




Why Study French?

French is spoken in 55 countries and on five continents.

French is the third most common language on the Internet.

French is the official working language of the UN, NATO, UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee and the European Union.
French provides more than 50% of modern English vocabulary.

Knowing French makes you more competitive in professional fields like law, transportation technologies, global/international distribution and luxury goods.

Knowing French opens the door to other cultures and countries like France, Canada, Belgium and many African countries.