Student Resources


Students can purchase their individual QT Clickers/Turning Account Bundle directly through the Campus Bookstore.

Turning Account Resources

Having a Turning Account is required when using any clicker device. When setting up an account, you should use your Weber issued, student email.  After setting up your Turning Account, you should redeem your licence and register your device.  Turning Technologies has provided a brief video on how to get all of these steps completed here.

ResponseWare Resources


Student FAQ's

How do I turn on my Clicker?
Your Clicker is always on! Just simply press any button to wake it up from sleep mode.

How do I change the channel?
Changing the channel is simple. Check out this video to see how.

I want to know more about PowerPoint and Anywhere Polling. Where can I find information on those?
PowerPoint and Anywhere Polling are two of our system's strongest features. You can learn more about both of these polling option by watching this video.