Faculty Resources

Decide which polling option to use in class

  • Anywhere Polling - Anywhere Polling allows you to poll atop any application, including webpages, videos and documents, using a floating interactive toolbar.
  • PowerPoint Polling - PowerPoint Polling is an add-in to PowerPoint, which allows you to poll using questions built in PowerPoint.
  • Self-Paced Polling - Self-Paced Polling allows you to create exam answer keys, lets your students answer exam questionsusing their clicker at their own pace, and upload exam grades to Blackboard.

Create a Turning Account

By creating a Turning Account, you gain access to many features that help you get started with Turning Technologies in your classroom. You can create your Turning Account here today:

Download the Software

There are downloads available for both Mac and Windows users. These downloads can be found inside your Turning Account.

If you are a teacher who moves around classroom to classroom you have the option of using our No Install Software which can be placed on a USB Drive or on your Storage Receiver.

You must place the current version(v7.3) of the TurningPoint Cloud software on all of your computers.

Need Help Choosing a Polling Type?

We have three different types of polling options to use in your classroom to ensure that you have the polling option that is best for your teaching style.  In order to ensure you are fully informed on which polling option is best for your classroom please take a look at our video tutorials that explain step-by-step instructions on each option here.

Request a Free Instructor Kit

You can request a free Instructor Kit at

Consider ResponseWare

If you would like your students to use their cell phone or laptop in your classroom, use your Turning Account to access the ResponseWare system.  ResponseWare allows the student's WiFi enabled device to connect with the Turning Technologies polling system for inclass use. ResponseWare allows students to respond to interactive questions during classes.

Sign Up For Training

Turning Technologies offers a wide range of training opportunities. You can join any one of our Public Training Sessions as well as request a Private One-on-One training.

Getting Started

We have a vast amount of resources available that will allow you to get started with Turning Technologies in your classroom. You can find there resources here.