CIL Proctor Agreement Form

Proctor Agreement Form and Request an Exam Form (Form 2)
(for Online NTM Computer and Information Literacy exam online and out-of-state students [CIL] only)

For out-of-state online students and online students who are 50 miles from the main campus only. Please read proctor information below form. Student must fill out all information on both Approval and Proctor/Request and Exam forms before a test will be sent to the proctor.

By submitting the form below I agree to proctor one or more of the following Weber State University, Network Technology and Business Multimedia Department’s (NTM), Computer and Information Literacy Exams (CIL) - NTM TA1501, TB1502, TC1503, and TD1504. Please read Proctor information on Online Exams page. Proctors CANNOT be a friend or family member.

Proctor Agreement Form

Fill out this form completely. If possible ask the proctor for an additional Email address because some companies do not allow Email attachments - tests are attached to an Email to the proctor.
Proctor's Full Name: Position:
Email 1: Email 2:
Tests will be sent to this Email 1 address If tests do not arrive at Email 1 they will be sent to the Email 2 address
Full Mailing Address:
Day Phone: Night or Cell Phone:
Name of Company or Institution: Today's Date:
Student's Full Name: Student's W#:
Request an Exam Information—
To ensure that exams arrive - please request each exam separately. Request the one you intend to take once you have scheduled an exam time with your proctor. They can be taken at different times.
1501 Document Creation Exam: 1502 Content, Internet Identity, and Device Management:
Production Exam Internet-based WSU Chitester Multiple Choice Exam
1503 Data Manipulation, Visualization, and Presentation: 1504 Information Literacy:
Production Exam Internet-based WSU Chitester True/False and Multiple Choice Test
Approximate Date Exam will be Taken: Approximate Date Exam will be Returned:
Student's Email Address (Email address where student can be reached from 8 to 4:30 MST): Student's Phone Number (Phone where student can be reached from 8 to 4:30 MST):
Questions? If you have a question regarding the exams please write your question here
(answer will be returned to the proctor's Email address above):
Mistakes - press reset
Completed exams must be saved in the appropriate document format (do not save as a PDF file) and uploaded to the WSU Chitester system immediately upon completion.  If they do not arrive via Chitester then student or proctor will e-mail exams to exam administrator immediately after completion.  All exams must be taken before the end of the last week of schoolwork during each semester.  The student will receive a confirmation that the exams have been received. 
Proctor will ensure that the exams are taken according to instructions detailed below.  It is understood that proctor will not be paid by WSU for proctoring exams. If exams cannot be opened in Chitester or do not arrive via Email - please return the exams by postal mail and Email to the address below:

Angela Christensen, Exam Administrator
WSU NTM Department
1395 Edvalson Street Dept 1408
Ogden, Utah 84408-1408

Questions? Contact:
Phone: 801-626-7384

Proctor Instructions for CIL Exams

It is only necessary to have a flash drive to submit the required 1502 .docx file or if the student is unable to upload to Chitester. Students can take the exams in any order.

  • Student is to upload each test to the WSU Chitester system immediately upon completion. The password is on the test.
  • If the tests are not uploaded or if the student is concerned about the upload please have the student e-mail completed test files to exam administrator immediately upon completion of each exam.
  • Be sure to have the student save the document in the appropriate document format (Example: if using Excel save as an Excel document)
    • Excel/Powerpoint exam must have the formula sheet as well as the spreadsheet and PowerPoint pressentation submitted.
    • The Document Creation(DOC) exam must be the completed document.
    • Content, Internet Identity, and Device Management must submit a word document with the defined technology terms and sources.
  • All exams are timed, closed book computer and information literacy exams.
  • No help is to be given the student while the exam is in progress.
  • Talking or opening books will disqualify the student from the exam.
  • Sixty (60) minutes is allotted to take each exam.
  • Student must be monitored while exam is in progress.
  • Students may use the Help feature of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows while taking each exam with the exception of the 1504 exam. 
  • Work is to be saved often. Computers crash.  If work is not saved and the computer crashes, the student will have to start over with no additional time.
  • If the file is not readable the student must retake the exam (e-mail exam prior to closing software or save to desktop).  Please see that the student is using an appropriate start file and software.  Check start file before using. 
  • The WSU NTM department is currently using the following software: Microsoft Office 2013 and Microsoft Windows 7. 
  • The student is responsible for checking back with the exam administrator to see if each exam is passed.
  • Failed exams must be retaken during the semester in which the student is registered.  A $10 fee, paid to the WSU Cashier, is required for each retake.  A  student may retake each exam twice.  Proof of payment must accompany each retaken test.
  • The credit/no credit score will be available to the student two weeks after the exam administrator receives the test. Grades are recorded at 
  • Practice problems are available on this web site.