Online Exams


Online Registration is for Proctored Out-of-State (or those 50 miles from the main campus) Computer and Information Literacy (CIL) Students Only

(Read the entire page for online information).

Online Information

Online Registration is for registering and taking Proctored WEB CIL Exams Only.

(Do not use the form to register for on-campus classes)


Students must live 50 miles from the Ogden main campus to register for online exams.  If you come to campus for classes do not register for online exams.


Please fill out the Online Approval to Register Form to register to take WEB CIL online exams (you will receive notice if you do not qualify to take the tests online). You can register for online exams up until the last full month of each semester. Cutoff dates are: November 1, March 1, and June 1.

After you have received approval to register you will fill out the proctor and request an exam form (one form).

Out-of-area (if you live over 50 miles from Weber State University) and out-of-state students will register for the online CIL exams through Continuing Education after receiving approval from the exam administrator.  See the proctor information below for more information. 

The WEB CIL exams are listed as zero ( 0 ) enrollment but are available for registration to qualified students.  If you think you meet the criteria for registration please fill out the Approval to Register Form. You will receive an answer within three working days for fall and spring semesters and within two weeks during summer semester.


Proctor Information

It is the student's responsibility to contact a person in his/her area and make arrangements for that person to act as proctor. This first contact should be done very soon after registering for the course. The proctor's information will be verified before a CIL exam is sent.

You need to fill out the CIL online proctor form regardless if you have an approved proctor through continuing education or not.  You can use the same proctor - but CIL needs to have the proctor information. 

Most people will agree to act as proctor for no charge. If a prospective proctor does wish some payment, it is the student's responsibility to pay or find another proctor.  Find more detailed instructions at

Who to Ask:
An examination proctor is a responsible individual who is not a relative, close friend, coach, or direct supervisor of the student.  If your place of employment has a training program then one of the trainers can serve as a proctor as long as that person is not a close friend, relative, coach, or direct supervisor.

Suggested contacts for proctors: local college instructors, college testing centers or college librarian (tests must be taken at the school), public librarian, and hospital educator.  If your place of work has a training department or training center you can take the test there or if there is a Human Resource (HR) department at your place of work (and you do not work for HR) you can ask someone in HR to administer the exam for you.


Request an Exam:
After you have found a proctor, fill out the Proctor RequestForm, the exams will be sent to your proctor within 5 days.  Please take the first of each exam early in the semester.  You need to contact your proctor to make an appointment to take the test.  All exams will be requested at the same time to ensure their arrival.  Let the exam administrator know when the tests arrived and if they can be opened.

Send Tests to Administrator:
After you have taken the test you will e-mail a copy of the test to the exam administrator.  The exam administrator will then confirm that they have arrived and can be opened.  The tests and all test material can then be destroyed by the proctor.


If the exams do not arrive via e-mail or if they are in an incompatible format then the proctor will mail the tests and testing materials to the exam administrator.  It is the proctor's responsibility to mail the test material.

In the case of a failed exam, proof of an additional payment of $10 (retake fee) will be required before taking the exam.  Payment is made to the Cashier at WSU.  Cashier's office 801-626-8006 or 8007.

Grades are recorded on the online system within seven days of taking the test. (Exception:  The last three weeks of the semester, it may take weeks to get the exams graded.)  If you choose to not take a test you will receive no credit, which will not affect your GPA.  All tests must be taken during the semester you are registered.  If you do not take a test during the semester in which you registered then you can choose to register for the test another semester or take an online class to fill the requirement. 

If you have any questions about computer and information literacy proctored exams, please contact us:

CIL Exam Administrator, Weber State University
1395 Edvalson Street Dept 1408, Ogden, Utah 84408-1408
Phone: 801-626-7384, School of Computing Phone:  801-626-6059,
E-mail exam administrator
E-mail is the best way to contact the exam administrator.  Office hours are limited, but e-mail is always available.

After Approval - Register by Contacting Continuing Education (CE):
Weber State University
PT 209 Cont Ed
Ogden, Utah 84408
Phone Registration: 801-626-6600
Email Continuing Education