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Online CIL Exam Registration Approval and Student Form (for Online computer and information literacy exam students [CIL] only)

If you live over 50 miles from the main campus and want to register for the online proctored Computer and Information Literacy (CIL) exams please fill out the form below and submit to the exam administrator.  If you come to campus to take your classes do not register for online exams.  Your request will be evaluated and you will receive notice by e-mail.   Look at the Online Registration criteria page before submitting the form.  You will receive an answer within three school days.     Last day to register for Spring: March 1, Summer: June 1, Fall: November 1

Approval and Student Form. Fill out this form completely.

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Choose SUMMER 2017 CIL Classes - Registration begins APRIL 3, 2017

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I will take all exams and SUBMIT MY EXAM TO CHITESTER if there are issues with Chitester please have your proctor return all exams, including retakes before the last week of schoolwork at the end of this semester:
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Please read and follow the instructions:

  • After approval choose a proctor and fill out the proctor/request an exam form ASAP

    • Submit the proctor/request an exam form

    • Set a date to take the tests

    • Call your proctor and make an appointment to take the exams

The exams will be uploaded to the Chitester system.  If the exams are not uploaded, or you are concerned about the upload, then follow the instructions below:

  • All exams are timed, closed book, computer and information literacy exams. 


  • No help is to be given the student while the exam is in progress.

  • Talking or opening books will disqualify the student from the exam.

  • Sixty (60) minutes is allotted to take each exam. 

  • The Help feature of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint may be used while taking each exam with the exception of the 1504 exam. 

  • Work is to be saved often. Computers crash.  If work is not saved and the computer crashes, the student will have to start over with no additional time.

  • The student is responsible for checking back with the exam administrator to see if each exam is passed. 

  • Grades (Percentage grade) will be posted on the student online grading system located at within one week after tests are completed. (Exception:  The last three weeks of the semester, test grades may not be posted until the semester ends.  This is because of the hundreds of students who wait to take tests until the final few weeks of the semester.)

  • Final grades are posted to transcripts at the end of each semester.

  • Failed exams must be retaken during the semester in which the student is registered.  A $10 fee, paid to the WSU Cashier, is required for each retake.

  • A student may retake each exam twice.

  • Practice problems are available from this Internet site.  Study the appropriate practice problem before taking each exam.