Acceptable Use & Social Media Policy

Alcohol, Drug & Tobacco-Free Workplace Policy

Alternative Language Services For Utah Students Policy

Annual Assurances Of Compliance Policy

Attendance and Truancy Prevention Policy

Bullying And Hazing Policy

Calendar Policy

Comprehensive Counseling & Guidance/Career and Technical Education Policy

Conducting Research in the WSU Charter Academy Policy

Conflict Of Interest And Employment Of Relations Policy

Credit Acceptance Policy

Development & Ownership Of Intellectual Property Policy

Disabilities Policy

Dissemination of Information About Juvenile Offender Policy

Donations And Gifts Policy

Dress Code Policy

Drop Off & Pick-Up Policy

Eagle Scout Projects On School Property Policy

Education Association Policy 

Effective Teaching and Educational Leadership Policy

Electronic Devices In Public Schools Policy

Employee Arrest Policy

Employment Of Substitute Teachers Policy

Ethics Policy

Evaluation of Non-Licensed Public Education Employees Policy

Extra-Curricular Activities Policy

Family Educational Rights And Privacy Act (FERPA) Policy

Family Involvement Committee (FIC) Policy

Field Trip Policy 

Foreign Exchange Student Policy 

Fundraising Policy

Gang Prevention and Intervention Policy

General and Crosscutting Assurances Policy

General Education Provisions Act (GEPA) Policy

Head Injury And Concussion Policy

Homework Policy

Idea Policies and Procedures

Library Policy

Lost and Found Policy

Lottery and Enrollment Policy

Medical And Dispensing Medication Policy

Medical Needs Policy

Non-Licensed Employee Arrest Policy

Non-Licensed Employee Driving Motor Vehicles As An Employment Responsibility Policy

Non-Licensed Public Education Background Check

Parent School Visitation Policy

Parking Policy

Parties Policy

Personal Property Policy

Playground Policy

Professional Development Plan Policy

Prohibiting Discrimination In The Public Schools Policy

Prohibition Of Corporal Punishment Policy

Protection Of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) Policy

Purchasing Policies And Procedures

Reading Achievement Plan Policy

Recognizing Constitutional Freedoms In The Schools Policy

Reporting Child Abuse And Neglect Policy

Reporting Of Designated Offenses Policy

Responding To Parents’ Concerns Regarding Curriculum Policy

Reuse Or Disposal Of Textbooks Policy

Safe School Policy

School Complaint Policy

School Fees & Fee Waivers Policy

School Hours Policy

School Improvement Plan Policy 

School LAND Trust Policy

Search of Person or Property Policy

Selections And Purchases Of Instructional Materials Policy

Special Education Policy and Procedures

Student Code Of Conduct Policy 

Student Discipline Policy

Student Supervision Policy

Students With Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Policy

Suspension/Expulsion Policy

Testing Procedure Policy

Transportation And Before And After Care Policy

Utah Schools For the Deaf and The Blind Policy

Vending Machine and Selling Foods on School Grounds Policy

Volunteer Service Policy

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