2022 Faculty Symposium: Finding Joy in the Journey

Joy /joi/:  momentary and small scale; tiny and visceral. 

Designer and author Ingrid Fetell Lee says that joy is the "little moments that make us feel more alive." The theme of this year's faculty symposium asks you to reflect upon the past two years of unimaginable pressures and celebrate those little moments that have given you small comfort, made you laugh, feel more connected, or just plain kept you sane. We invite all faculty to participate in the faculty symposium with your research, creative activities and panel discussions. It's been a difficult two years. We must celebrate the joyful parts of this journey.

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Asynchronous Presentations

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Faculty Symposium Videos

Block 1

You Are a "Model Minority" But Still Undeserving

Presented by: Huiying Hill


Edpuzzle Integration to Enhance Canvas Content Delivery & Interaction

Presented by: Justin Burr, Jim Hutchins, and Travis Price   


Positive Pedagogy Community of Practice

Presented by: Diana Meiser, Rachel Bryson, Linda DuHadway, Aminda O'Hare, Colleen Packer, Miland Palmer, and Katrina Twing   


Making Your Digital Course Materials Accessible

Presented by: Oliver Snow and Shandel Hadlock  


Finding Joy and Community through Inclusive Teaching

Presented by: Kim Middleton and Paul Grillos      

Block 2

Embodying Wayfinding: Survivance and Navigation of “Difficult Conversations” as Faculty of Color (Community of Practice)

Presented by: Kristina Moleni, Andrea Garavito Martinez, and Corina Segovia-Tadehara


Where Have all The Workers Gone? Creating A Stackable Program to Alleviate Shortages

Presented by: Shirley Dawson, Melina Alexander, and Shernavaz Vakil


Expanding Teaching for Sustainability: Find Your Sustainable Development Goal! (Community of Practice, RS&PG Grant)

Presented by: Alice Mulder, Sarah Herrmann, Stephanie Wolfe, Demetrios Pagonis, Brandon Burnett, Melinda Russell-Stamp, Joanna Gautney


Assessment Strategies in Canvas

Presented by: Oliver Snow and Shandel Hadlock 


ACUE: Finding Joy and Community through Inclusive Teaching

Presented by: Kim Middleton and Paul Grillos     


Block 3

Diversity and Inclusion in Business Classrooms

Presented by: Nazneen Ahmad, Francois Giraud-Carrier, Matt Gnagey, Lisa Hopkins, and Jesse King


Faculty Engagement in Gen Ed Assessment

Presented by: Rieneke Holman, Molly Sween, Gary Johnson, Becky Marchant, and Miranda Kispert


Finding Joy in Chaos

Presented by: Stephanie Speicher, Álvaro La Parra-Pérez, Jean Kapenda, Andrea Baltazar, Jacie Johnson & Kristen Arnold