Youth Impact

Located in the heart of Ogden, Youth Impact provides a safe, engaging environment where kids can build relationships and feel the support of caring adults. Throughout each year over one hundred and twenty Weber State students volunteer to create a network of role models for inner-city youth. Children from grades 4-12 are able to attend Youth Impact at no cost and nearly twenty-five schools from the Ogden area have participating students.

Youth Impact has simple beginnings as it draws its origin from a program of less than a dozen people who participated in the “Ulster Project”. The Ulster Project was designed to bring young teens from Ireland of Catholic and Protestant faiths together here in the United States. Teens from Ireland were placed in host homes with teens of the same age and faiths. The concept behind the project was to enable the participants to engage in a month of constant activity, discussions and the cultivation of lasting relationships. Ultimately, once the Irish teens returned home a bridge of communication and understanding for each other would be in place.

As years passed the program transitioned from a place for those from Ireland but to a location for all youth in the community to visit and attend. With so many young people attending these events and so many different walks of life making up its diversity, the program officially adopted its new name, Youth Impact.

Today’s program consists of daily transportation from area schools. Snacks are provided at sign-in and dinner is served later in the evening. There are a variety of organized daily programs which are accessible to the participants. Notable areas of the program are:

  • Study Hall 
  • Arts & Crafts / Garden Area 
  • Hobby Shop 
  • Recreational Sports

How to Get Involved with Youth Impact

Volunteering With Youth Impact

We are always in need of Volunteers. Come share your hobbies and interests with our participants, or simply hang out with us during our Open-Rec. You can start volunteering today! Just undergo a simple process.

The first step in volunteering is attending an Orientation. This allows potential volunteers to see the facility, as well as get a feel for the program as a whole. Orientations are scheduled every Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 p.m., and Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. during the school year. Volunteer Orientations generally last 30-40 minutes in length and no appointment necessary. Please make sure that if you are attending a Volunteer Orientation, you arrive 5-10 minutes early and if you are late you will be asked to attend another session.

Join the Community Engaged Leaders Program

Youth Impact is one of the organizations served under the WSU Community Engaged Leaders program.  The Community Engaged Leaders’ Youth Impact program recruits student volunteers to work with a young person for a variety of programs.  Community Engaged Leaders is a student-run community service program, and is part of WSUSA.  It is comprised of a VP of Service, an Assistant Director, 4 Directors and 16 Chairs.  These student leaders are responsible for promoting community service within the student body, and they make community service opportunities accessible to students.  You can apply to become the chair for any of the service leadership positions, including Youth Impact chair, during early spring semester.  Becoming a chair or volunteering with the Youth Impact is a great way to meet new people and be social.  Learn more about the Community Engaged Leaders Youth Impact Program or email the current chair at

Get Started

Visit the Center for Community Engaged Learning and let the staff know that you want to get involved in the Community Engaged Leaders Youth Impact program!  You can also email the Community Engaged Leaders Youth Impact chair at:

Visit the Youth Impact online to find out more about upcoming events.

Youth Impact
2305 Grant Avenue
Ogden, UT 84404

Center for Community Engaged Learning
2113 University Circle
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