WeberSync Walk-Through

Where do I find WeberSync?

Search for WeberSync in your eWeber portal or go to the WeberSync homepage.

How do I set-up a WeberSync Portal for my course?

Your faculty portal has been set-up for you by the CCEL. Each section has been created as a group. At the beginning of each semester all of the enrolled students for your cel course will be added to a class group in your portal. You have been added as an administrator to your portal. Administrators are able to customize their portal, print service reports, and add people to their portal. To find your portal click on "My Memberships." You will see your faculty portal listed in the drop-down menu.

How do I see my students’ engagement hours?

From your main faculty portal page, choose "People" and then "Export Service Report." This will email you an Excel spreadsheet listing all engagement hours associated with members of your portal.


How do I add a student to my class?

When you are logged into WeberSync, and in your faculty portal, you will click on "People" and then "Invite People." Please add students by their weber email address only. At the bottom of the invite form, you are able to select which class group you would like the student to be a part of.


Where do I access WeberSync help? 

Contact Jenny Frame at ex. 7737 or at