Weber Connect

The Center for Community Engaged Learning has officially transitioned to a paperless, tracking system called, Weber Connect. This system can perform a variety of functions that will benefit students, faculty and community partners.  One of Weber Connect’s benefits will be the digital tracking of community engagement. It will also be utilized as a streamlined location for advertising volunteer opportunities.  

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Why Do I Track My Community Engagement Hours

Registering your community engagement hours with CCEL:

  • Provides the university with a more accurate picture of the community engagement happening on our campus.
  • Enables CCEL to recognize all of our campus members who are engaged in the community.
  • It is the official hours tracking system for staff participating in the Service Leave Policy (PPM 3-66) wherein staff can be granted up to 8 hours leave to participate in voluntary service to the community through the following CCEL sponsored days of service: WSU’s Day of Remembrance, WSU Honors MLK Week, and WSU Makes a Difference in Ogden.
  • Helps you keep track of all of your community engagement in one place for resume building and other purposes. You can access your community engagement record online at any time from anywhere.

How to Track my community engagement hours

If the event has a QR Code available, use the “QR Scanner” in the top left corner to scan in and out

OR If there is no QR Code available:

  1. Select the “Campus” tab, under “Resources”
  2. select the “CCR” folder Under “Categories”
  3. select “Community Engagement (Service)”
  4. Under “Position Name” include the organization’s name
  5. Under “Phone or Email” enter the supervisor’s email

Download Print Version of Logging Hours



Center for Community Engaged Learning

Need Help?

Follow this guide on how to Connect with Volunteer Opportunities (.PDF)

Community Partners
Community Partner Guide to Weber Connect (.PNG)