Tiered Partnerships

Why Become a Registered Community Partner?

Becoming a registered partner with the Center for Community Engaged Learning signifies that your organization offers quality community engagement opportunities to volunteers. Weber State students, as well as their professors, know that your organization offers a safe environment at which to volunteer and that your mission and aims are in alignment with the highest standards. Registered partners also receive exclusive benefits.

Community Partner Timeline


The Benefits of Becoming a Registered Community Partner

Partners receive benefits from their partnership with the Center for Community Engaged Learning based on the length of their partnership and the level of involvement they choose to have with the Center. These levels and their corresponding benefits are broken down into three tiers as shown below. 




Purple Pride

  • Can post events on the online calendar
  • Access to bulletin board
  • Invitation to block party
  • Training modules
  • Semesterly newsletters
  • Access to work-study students
  • Community partner breakfast
  • Limited directory posting


  • All benefits available to Cubs, plus:
  • Invitation to the bi-annual Volunteer Fair
  • Potential access to AmeriCorps students*
  • Invite to annual “How to make the most of your WSU partnership session“
  • Full directory posting
  • Wildcat Tech Expo

  • All benefits available to Cubs and Wildcats, plus:
  • Access to the Community Engaged Leaders (student leaders on campus)
  • Partnership page on our website
  • Virtual tour on our website
  • Invite to annual recognition event and community engagement symposium
  • Organization-specific AmeriCorps request *


*Some restrictions apply, see CCEL for details

Qualifications for Partnership

(Prospective new partners: see Cub level of partnership)



Purple Pride

  • Must be an official 501(c)3 non-profit or government organization
  • Must have liability insurance
  • Participate in a yearly survey conducted by the CCEL
  • Maintain information for our website including the current volunteer contact.
  • Participate in formal site visit if requested

  • All requirements for Cubs, plus:
  • Successfully partner for 1 full calendar year at the Cub level
  • May be asked to host a day of service (Max 1 per year)
  • Attend volunteer management training *
  • Attend annual “How to make the most of your WSU partnership” session
  • Give yearly presentation

  • All requirements for Cubs and Wildcats, plus:
  • Successfully partner for one full calendar year at the Wildcat level
  • Serve on at least one CCEL Committee if requested
  • Be willing to host faculty/staff meetings if requested
  • Partner with at least one CEL faculty member
  • Participate in student impact data study
  • Assume co-educator role in student education


*Not required if current volunteer manager has already participated in training

For new CCEL partners, partnership is a simple three step process:

How to Partner:

  1. Register with the CCEL.
    Fill out the required fields and submit your application. The CCEL will review your application and contact you. A response to your application can take from 1 to 2 weeks depending on the time of year.

  2. Submission of MOU
    Upon application approval, we will require the submission of our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) outlining the terms of the partnership.
    “The MOU is an at-will agreement and can be terminated by either party at any time. The Cub-level MOU web page will provide access to our form which you can complete and submit directly through our online system. It will also allow you to view the MOU to review the terms before you decide to partner.  
  3. Official Partner
    After you have submitted a completed MOU your organization will become an official partner. A copy of this completed form can be downloaded at any time for your records.

For current CCEL partners, changing your partnership tier is easy:

How to Change Your Partnership Tier:

Fill out the Partnership Level Change Request here

The CCEL management will review your application and decide if your organization meets the criteria towards increasing your level of partnership.

  • If your organization does not yet meet all criteria for advancement, you will be informed as to which requirements have not yet been met; we will also provide directions on how to fulfill these requirements.

  • Should your organization qualify, we will provide access to information regarding your new benefits and responsibilities.

Partners may change tiers only once per year (January). The CCEL will contact each partner with information regarding how and when to apply for a tier advancement.

Session Requirements

  • Any partner wishing to increase their level of partnership must send a representative to attend the Utah Commission on Volunteers Volunteer Management Certification Training provided at WSU campus.

    • A certified Center for Community Engaged Learning staff member will present five modules over five months on topics ranging from volunteer recruitment to volunteer evaluation and assessment.

  • In order to move from one tier to another, partners must send a representative to at least four of the five sessions.

  • One organization representative does not need to attend all sessions. Example: Becky attends the first three sessions but cannot attend the fourth or fifth. Joseph, Becky’s colleague, may attend in her place.

  • Representatives must be associated with their organizations volunteer program in some way.

  • The CCEL will provide training materials as well as lunch at each session.

  • Individuals completing the course will become State Certified Volunteer Managers and their organization will qualify to increase their level of partnership with the CCEL.

  • The CCEL will send out reminders about the times and locations for Volunteer Management trainings as the dates approach.