Community Engaged Leader Summer Homework Form

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All of the following tasks must be completed on or before Friday, August 30th in order to be entered in the drawing for the iPod touch! (and to be as effective as possible as a Community Engaged Leader this year)

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  1.  Register with the CCEL and log all of our retreat hours.

  2.  Contact your community partner and have your first meeting (must be completed by each      Community Engaged Leader even if there is a Director and several Chairs).

  3.  Log your time meeting with your community partner with the CCEL.

  4.  Send a picture to Mike that you would like used on the Community Engaged Leader
                                 website and for the CCEL office wall.

  5.  Have Mike approve at least one blue Program Plan folder for a fall service project.

  6.  Come up with a publicity/recruitment plan for each of your fall events.

  7.  Have all of your fall event dates set (at least one per month).

  8.  Make a list of ways in which you will motivate and appreciate your volunteers.

  9.  Submit a mock Budget Form online.

  10.  Read through your training binder and ask Mike any questions you may have.

  11.  Check your Gmail account WEEKLY (at least)

  12.  Contact at least one person from the Orientation contact sheets and invite him/her to             serve on your committee or to volunteer at one of your events.

  13.  Think of ways to integrate reflection into each of your events.

  14.  Send your fall office hours to Mike (review your Position Description in your binder to know   how many hours each week you need to plan.)

  15.  Organize your committee(s) and have your first meeting with them.

Upon the successful completion of this form, you will be automatically directed to the CCEL page. You will contacted regarding this form within 2 to 3 business days.