Past GEO Program Participants

We’d like to introduce past GEO Program participants, and share with you their experiences.

Veronica French

Veronica French“The Geo Program has impacted my life in many ways. First of all, living in a foreign country was a great way to get out of my comfort zone and has allowed me to grow exponentially. I had the privilege and opportunity to talk with delegates, NGO's, and even ex-Presidents like Mary Robinson, an experience I would never get in a classroom. Being a part of this global affiliation and stepping in the United Nations has allowed me the confidence and experience to get involved in my community. I currently hold a seat at the Air Quality Advisory Committee at Weber Morgan Health Department. Without a doubt, the GEO program gave me that confidence, experience, and willingness to get involved in my local community while embracing a global view.”


Chloe Schooley, Fall 2015

Chloe Schooley“I had the opportunity to be at the United Nations during the Human Rights Council in September of 2015. I attended the Geneva Peace talks as well, which was very exciting! I had so much fun meeting people from all over the world and learning about diverse cultures/issues that are currently happening around the World. I attended many different side events that discussed global issues and plans that were made to help people have better lives and futures.

It was amazing to be able to dive into, and explore, the Swiss community - to live in their country and to see how people go about their everyday lives. If you are planning on joining the G.E.O program, take advantage every day of this amazing opportunity. I had so much fun exploring the city, walking the streets of Old Geneva, and taking boat rides up Lake Geneva (and falling in it). Countries in Europe are so close together! Take advantage of that and you can find amazing flight deals to travel around. Try all the amazing cheese and chocolate that you can! Raclett is my favorite food there!! Take lots of pictures and be prepared to have life changing experiences that you will never forget!”


Tricia Cook, Fall 2014

Tricia Cook“Global Education Opportunity (GEO) provided me with a platform for professional as well as personal growth that I could not have achieved in any other way. Professionally, the GEO Program helped me gain an understanding of non-profit humanitarian work through 2 polar paradigms: boots on the ground grass roots (1 month spent in Mozambique) and global policy making efforts (2 months spent at the United Nations, Geneva). Afton did a great job providing a personal experience by tailoring the program to me specifically. GEO also provided me the opportunity to develop personally through new experiences by living and traveling abroad and becoming completely immersed in a new culture. I am a different person because of GEO and I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone interested!”


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