Online Readings

Enriched and Inspired Service Pathways to College Success

This is a report from Project Reach: Service Inclusion for Students with Disabilities. This report discusses the efforts of 14 community colleges to engage students with disabilities in service. The colleges expanded or revised existing service learning programs; they also explored new ways to reach out to students who were already on their campuses, but who had not been offered the full range of engagement opportunities enjoyed by their peers.

Exploring Urban Literacy & Developmental Education

This report discusses a “way to articulate a concept of access for developmental education programs that includes a focus on issues impacting students who come from, or enter higher education in, urban settings.” This collection of papers includes topics such as: access to education; basic skills; black students; college applicants; curriculum development; disabilities; elementary secondary education; higher education; intelligence tests; literacy education; males; politics of education; racial factors; science education; service learning; and urban schools.

Promising Practices for Personal and Social Responsibility: Findings from a National Research Collaborative

Topics include: Are Students Making Gains on Personal and Social Responsibility Outcomes?; Diversity and Perspective-Taking Practices; Service Learning and Volunteering; Other Engaged Learning Practices; How Often Are Students Participating in these Practices?; Discussion of Major Findings; What Can Campuses Do to Improve Education for Personal and Social Responsibility?