Grassroots Projects

“The GEO Program believes that sustainable development and the empowering of women is most efficient when working with local communities on the ground and according to their needs. Therefore, the GEO program has a strong emphasis at the grassroots level and encourages participants to work with or develop a grassroots project.” - GEO Program Official Booklet

The GEO Program provides numerous grassroots project opportunities, placing participants in hands-on environments where they can experience, learn, and serve. Weber State project examples include improving economic conditions of the people in rural areas of Peru through education, construction, and environmental sustainability as well as building a women’s center in Mozambique, Africa and a kitchen/dining room in Thailand.

These grassroots opportunities also allow students the privilege of cultural exploration and travel. Students will have time to visit surrounding cities and countries, as well as engage in local activities as much as possible.

Boane Women's Center from Matt Goff on Vimeo.

Thailand Documentary 2015 from WSU CCEL on Vimeo.




Julie Rich, Weber State University GEO Program Coordinator

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