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Food Films

Stewart Library call numbers listed in purple.

For more information please look at the website of Dr. Michael Wutz:

  • Diverseeds: Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, dir. Markus Schmidt and Camillo Meinhardt, QK86.A1 D584 2008
  • Field of Genes (CBC, 1998), SB123.57 .F529 1998 (VHS, 2 x 22 min)
  • Food Beware- The French Organic Revolution, dir. Jean-Paul Jaud (2009), TP 370. F663 2009
  • Food Inc., dir. Robert Kenner, HD9005 .F66 2009
  • Fast Food Nation, dir. Richard Linklater
  • Fresh, (What's the Matter with Corn Syrup?)(NYT, April 2010)
  • The Garden, dir. Scott Hamilton Kennedy (2008), SB 457.3 G 37 2008
  • Genetics in Food: Changing Mother Nature (CBC, 2000), S494.5 B563 G4 2000 (VHS, 14 min, similar to Field of Genes)
  • Hopi- corn is life, 1997, E99. H7 H67 1997 (VHS, 18 min)
  • How to Read and Use Food Labels, TX 335.H68 1994 (VHS, useful, 15 min)
  • How to Read the New Food Labels, TX 551. H64 1993
  • Supersize Me, dir. Morgan Spurlock (2004), TX 945.5 M33 S87 2004
  • Sweet Solutions, TP 376. S9 1979 (VHS, 54 min, mostly about sugar operations in Brazil)
  • On Youtube: Genetic Chile, The World According to Monsanto, Genetically Modified Food: Panacea or Poison; numerous videos with Michael Pollan