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2020 Utah Higher Education Food Summit - VIRTUAL

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Virtual 2020 Utah Higher Education Food Summit hosted by Weber State University. As we all know, Covid-19 has changed a few things across the world and this Summit is no exception. The Summit pivoted from its usual in-person and live presentation format to this year’s virtual format. The format this year provides you the participant a free and almost completely unscheduled opportunity to review content at your own pace and from your own place. As we all know, it is inevitable that conferences and summits like this always have multiple sessions you want to attend scheduled at the same time. This is not the case for this year's summit. You can participate in as little or as much as you like and not worry about missing one thing. This shift to a more accessible format leads us to be more excited for the future of programs such as this as we believe this will provide a springboard to us all in facilitating more accessible programs and events in the future for all of our stakeholders. Thank you for joining us today (or whenever you join us) and please enjoy the content and new format!

Food Summit Program (PDF)

President's Welcome



Conference Organizer’s Welcome



Reflection Corner
- What expectations do you have for the Summit?


Panels and Conversations

Presentations and Conversations

Reflection Corner
- What are your reactions so far?


Hybrid SNAP Challenge and Food Insecurity Activity

Instructions (15-45 Minutes)

Within the resources below participants will find a thought-provoking and engaging activity.  The hybrid SNAP challenge and food insecurity activity builds upon SNAP Challenges and Hunger Simulations many organizations host to help build awareness and provide experiential learning opportunities for their members or participants.  This activity will allow participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in various nutritional and financial scenarios designed by WSU’s AmeriCorps VISTAs this summer.  

Participants will attempt to figure out ways to navigate the scenario’s incomes, expenses, health, and nutritional needs to ensure the chosen scenario can meet their nutritional and financial needs.  Participants are encouraged to use practice introspection and reflect often throughout this activity.  The activity is designed to allow participants to modify food costs, scenarios, and timeframes (days, weeks, or months).  The activity includes a guided PowerPoint that gives participants insights and information on how to complete the exercise.  A pdf and google drive folder will also be provided to participants to allow for a more interactive experience.  These will also include all instructions, scenarios, worksheets, and spreadsheets needed to complete the activity. 

You can expect to take 15-45 minutes to complete the exercise.


Guided Conversation and Closing Remarks 2 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Guided Conversation 2 – 3 p.m.

Conversation moderators will help facilitate a Zoom based conversation among participants as we look back at today’s Summit, what was learned, and what the future holds for food insecurity on Utah campuses.  The conversation will be moderated by Sean Crossland (SLCC), Patrick Tadlock (WSU), and Bimini Horstmann (WSU).

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Closing Remarks 3 – 3:15 p.m.

Join our Zoom Link for closing comments as we wrap up today’s Summit.

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Reflection Corner
- What will you do with the information learned today?



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For more information or to request accommodations in relation to a disability, contact Patrick Tadlock