Estimated Expenses


We have found housing to be the most difficult hurdle for students to manage. It is VERY expensive in Geneva. Therefore, to maximize your global experience, housing will be included in your GEO budget estimates. Space will be shared with other students of the same gender. Kitchen facilities are included. There is also access to the internet.

MLP will contract and you will pay a housing deposit prior to your arrival. The first 1,000 CHF and housing deposit are due on acceptance to the program and are necessary to secure this housing. These fees are also nonrefundable.

You will be contacted about your housing location and put in touch with your host family/housing manager before you fly into Geneva. Housing will be located within very short tram/bus distance of Geneva’s central hub.


We will meet you at the airport and take you to your housing location. Public transportation in Geneva is great. We suggest you purchase a transportation pass. This will cover buses, trams, trains and ferries.

A transportation pass will cost you 50 CHF a month, and bus passes can be purchased at the Balexert TGV office, at the downtown Cornavin train station and at the Rive TGV office.


Eating out is expensive. However, you can eat fairly cheap if you buy and cook your own food. As food costs are higher in Geneva, plan to budget at least 40% more per month than you would in the States.

Meals can be provided at some of the housing locations.

Phone and Business Cards

MLP will have cell phones available for your use in Switzerland. These phones are pre-paid and you can plan on spending at least 80 CHF per month, but this will obviously vary depending on how much you use your phone.

There is a 100 CHF charge for individual business cards for each GEO student.

GEO Program Fee

There is an administrative fee for every Participant accepted for the Global Education Opportunity Program of 2,000 CHF per month, which needs to be paid in full to the GEO Program before issuing the Geneva UN Grounds Pass and embarking upon the program. This non-refundable installment of 2,000 CHF must be paid on acceptance to the program for us to secure housing and other details. The remaining amount is due no later than two weeks prior to arrival in Geneva.

GEO Program Budget Sheet (Word Doc)



Julie Rich, Weber State University GEO Program Coordinator

Afton Beutler, GEO Program Director
US mobile: 503-539-2470

Weber State University Center for Community Engaged Learning